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Herringbone parquet flooring is perhaps one of the most popular choices for parquet flooring. Herringbone rectangular planks are arranged in rows at right angles. This geometric style suits both modern and period homes. Chevron, like Herringbone flooring, is a form of parquetry. Chevron flooring is arranged to form a succession of a V shape using parallelogram shaped planks. Both styles of parquet flooring are available in our Plank range. Some colours are limited for Chevron parquet.










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Re-sand your existing floors?

We offer high-quality sanding treatments which aid in the removal of stubborn stains and damage to your timber floors. Best of all, our techniques are soft on your timber floor so there is no risk of damaging your timber.

Our unique process allows for the uneven and worn out top layer to of the timber floor to be sanded away, thus revealing the original beauty of the wood below. Our team has perfected our sanding process, meaning we will be quick and efficient, while not compromising on quality.

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